Ask Better Questions Bootcamp - Starting Oct 18th

If you cannot ask good questions
you can kiss your audit career goodbye

Unfortunately, they do not teach the art of asking questions in school. That is why I created the ask better questions system.

Now you have the opportunity to attend the career changing boot camp.

9 weeks, 18 hours of career changing continuing education starting May 3

Aren't you tired of...

These frustrating situations lead to...

This negatively impacts your health and your career.

“Your inability to ask good questions is the number one skill preventing your career progression.”

But You Are Not Alone

This was a pain point for me until...

I discovered the Ask Better Questions system.
It helped me to

And now I’m here to share the system with you.

I Get it...
You've been disappointed by courses that didn't deliver

But that’s not how we operate!

First, you will learn critical concepts to catapult your questioning capabilities. 

Then, you will go back to work and practice what you’ve learned in your environment.

Finally, you will participate in live group discussions of wins, worries, and improvements.

You're Probably Wondering if You Can Afford This Program

Other organizations charge between
$1,900 and $2,500
for 16 to 20 hours of cpe.

We are not here to break your pocket.
Better quality at more reasonable rates.
Now this doesn’t mean that we’re cheap.

With the Ask Better Questions Boot camp

You won’t pay $2,500
You won’t pay $1,900
You won’t pay $1,000

You pay only


for the 9 week 
18 credit hour program.

Join the Boot Camp Today!

Course Details

About the Instructor

Robert Berry


Robert Berry is an international speaker, trainer and consultant. He is known for creating engaging courses that teach through story telling.

Better Questions Bootcamp Outline

Week 1 – Break down bad question barriers

Week 2 – 5 Critical elements of quality questions

Week 3 – The communication cycle

Week 4 – The 5 personalities to ponder

Week 5 – The power of questions

Week 6 – The evolution of auditors

Week 7 – Gain confidence to be competent

Week 8 – The Actual Questions Count

Week 9 – clarity and context are Key

Join the Boot Camp Today!

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