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Why you must use context to control your triggers – Active Listening for Auditors and Everyone VIDEO TRANSCRIPT BELOW What would you say if I told you I called my girlfriend fat? This is how I started off a recent presentation on...

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The Power of Active Listening I'm pretty excited to bring you guys a video / article this week. Consume the content how feel most comfortable. The text is, for...

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More Board Games – Why Honesty is a Long Term Strategy

Would you be happy if your financial advisor found an error in your account activity that resulted in you gaining $30,000? I would imagine...

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Board Games – Why Whistleblowers Remain Silent

As children, we are told that honesty is the best policy. We are also told that Being honest is an admirable trait It reduces stress and...

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Everybody Wants To Be The Big Dog

When I was a kid, we called people our dog as a term of endearment. Yeah I know, a strange slang term. But hear...

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