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One Tip to Test the Readability of Your Audit Reports

I felt like a literary loser back in middle and high school. It wasn't that I failed English class, it's just that it didn't...

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Are you auditing your biggest reputation risks?

“Social media is the biggest risk your organization faces.” This is how I started a presentation at the Institute of Internal Auditors, Pensacola, Florida chapter...

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The Importance of Audit Workpapers

Internal Audit documentation can become evidence in an investigation at a moment's notice. Work performed years ago can once again become relevant based on...

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The Significance of CPEs – Your guide to finding and tracking CPE

There's nothing more exciting than finally achieving that goal. You know the one. You’ve spent years training for it. Imagine the quarterback leading his...

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Risk Response Done Right

The world is currently facing a pandemic that has the potential to be one of the worst of the century. Our risk management strategies...

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