Student loan money gone and military mayhem

Hang on tight. This Friday is going to be a wild ride.

Who knew student loans were big business?

Wait until you hear how this entrepreneur

capitalized on the student loan system.

And in other news…

Our military protects us from danger.

But who protects their families

from dangerous living conditions.

Tune in to find out how one company

fleeced the military and left families

in horrible conditions.

Your Friday Fraudster hosts are passionate about ethics, fraud and good business practices.

Kelly is known as the Pink Collar Crime guru. If there is fraud, she can find it.

Jo is the Ethics Expert. She can identify and correct those stick organizational ethical issues.

Robert is a process. He looks at the controls to determine if you are performing actions to get your desired results.

Join Kelly Paxton, Jo Erven and Robert Berry on this weeks episode of the Friday Fraudster.

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