Helping Improve People, Processes
& Profits

People are the most important part of every organization. People drive the processes that generate profits. I write, speak and teach about improving people.

What I Do

I Speak.

In person and virtual keynote speeches designed to help people identify thier strengths and improve thier interactions with others.

I Teach.

Engaging and interactive in person, virtual and on demand training courses for business professionals and internal auditors.

I Write.

Creative content that effectively tells your story. Everyone has a story to tell. The way you tell it matters.

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My Books & Courses

Based on my experience and observations, my courses and books are designed to help overcome problems. They are short, direct and according to some, helpful. Enjoy.


Robert is a skilled presenter and tactful influencer. As we worked together at NetBank, I found his teammates and clients were comfortable, motivated and inspired by him. Robert has “gravitational pull”; that is, attracting people who want to work with him and gain his counsel. He made a lasting impression on me and I continue to confer with Robert for his smart, straight-forward and efficient input.

Mark Thompson

My Story

I have always been fascinated with efficiency and how things work. Specifically, how people perform processes to achieve to goals. I was that weird kid taking things apart just to see how they worked and putting them back together to see if I can. Over the years, I have used this curiosity to help companies save millions.

Identifying process bottlenecks and cost savings is the easy part. Managing other people’s baggage and personality is the challenge. I began studying human behavior over almost 20 years ago. I realized that most organizational issue have less to do with processes failing and more to do with people failures. That is when I knew what I wanted to help organizations improve people, processes and profits.

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