It's Time to
Ask Better

If you cannot master the art of asking questions while auditing, your career is over. This refreshingly entertaining book is the ultimate resource for teaching auditors to do just that. Ask Better Questions.

It contains four in depth chapters to help you increase the quality of your questions. It covers some of the following:

• 3 Concerns With Questions
• 5 Elements For Quality Questions
• 4 Types of Questions For Your Toolkit
• 7 Questions For Successful Audit Report Issues
• And the
• 5 Step Approach To Quality Questioning

After finishing this book, you’ll be able to better communicate with clients, know what to do when things go wrong, and know when to walk away. Get ready to Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers, Perform Better Audits. 

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Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers

Perform Better Audits!
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