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Meet Your Friday Fraudster Hosts

Kelly Paxton

Pink collar crime Expert

Known most as the Pink Collar Crime lady, but that’s not all she does. Kelly spent most of her career in law enforcement where her cases have included embezzlement, conflict of interest, intellectual property, Open Source Intelligence and fraud.

Jo Erven


Jo believes audit should no longer be “reactive” and should focus on “proactive,” value-add activities. Her Total Quality Auditing® approach was published in 2019 in both book and workbook format and has helped organizations succeed globally.

Robert Berry

Question Connoisseur

Robert believes improving people will help improve processes which will improve profits. Everything starts with the people. And it ends with asking questions. Hence his best selling book Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers, Perform Better Audits. 

Podcast Episodes

Are you ready for some football? It’s NFL time. Let’s talk about the National Fraud League? 🤣 Too soon? And how do you know if your computer hardware is horrible? Ask a Yale employee. She’s … National Fraud League and Horrible Hardware Read More »
What happens when audits point to healthy patients? 😷 That should be a good thing right? And What happens when you hire an employee who was once convicted of identity theft? 👮 And Where’s Jo … The Unemployed Employee & Healthy Audits Read More »
Can the dead collect checks? And what happens when one organization attempts to cash in on hospice. To find out, you’ll have to tune in this week to the Friday Fraudster with a special guest … The Walking Dead Collections and Hospice Hell Read More »
Millions can be made in medicine. Even if you must steal it. AND. The produce section is my favorite part of the grocery store. Fresh fruit smells so good. Except in this case where something … Medical Millionaire in the Making and Produce Profits Read More »
What happens when farmers collude to grow their profits? And what about when the Mayflower becomes an epic mess? Tune in this week to find out what that is about on the Friday Fraudster. Your … Crop Goes the Weasel & the Mayflower Mess Read More »

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