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You should be thanking your auditors. Yeah I know that sounds strange. But really. Who has been there for you regardless of how treat them? Who tells you the truth when others won’t? Who really … 3 reasons to be thankful for auditors Read More »
Auditors often wonder how close they should and/or can get with clients. You must remain objective and independent. We hear it all the time. But being friendly does not compromise independence. Let’s talk about it … Being Friendly Does Not Compromise Independence Read More »
An auditor’s primary job is to ask questions. And the questions you ask can build or kill your credibility. In this episode of Audit Bites, we’ll show a live example of bad questioning at its … Your Questions Build or Kill Credibility Read More »
Physical security of assets and valuables is one of the most important things auditors should consider. So why do we often fail to look at physical security during audits. In this episode we’ll talk about … When Physical Security Fails Read More »
You’ve asked your client for information and documentation several times. They promised to have it each week. And failed to deliver each week. You’ve asked multiple times and you still have not received the information. … When they deny auditors Unfettered Access Read More »
Auditors and attorneys should be on the same page. And most times, we are. But when there are differences of opinion, they tend to blow up. Why? Let’s talk about it.
Internal auditors will never win the most liked department in the organization award. Stop trying. In your role, you will often see the best and the worst in the organization. When times are good, your … What Will It Take For Auditors to Be Brave Read More »
What do you do for a living? Are you an auditor who struggles to answer that question? You’re not alone. But if you can’t answer this simple question, how can you expect your clients or … Internal Auditing Has an Identity Issue Read More »
In episode 001, I talked about what happens when employees disappear from an organization. But what happens when your auditors disappear? Should subsequent auditors be concerned? Does it say something about the company’s culture? We’ll … Are You Still Not Assessing the aftermath? Read More »
Good auditors must be able to observe. Great auditors must be able to inquire. Observation and inquiry are two of the pillars of our profession. So why are so many of us bad at it? … Internal Audit Observation and Inquiry in Action Read More »

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