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What do you do for a living? Are you an auditor who struggles to answer that question? You’re not alone. But if you can’t answer this simple question, how can you expect your clients or … Internal Auditing Has an Identity Issue Read More »
In episode 001, I talked about what happens when employees disappear from an organization. But what happens when your auditors disappear? Should subsequent auditors be concerned? Does it say something about the company’s culture? We’ll … Are You Still Not Assessing the aftermath? Read More »
Good auditors must be able to observe. Great auditors must be able to inquire. Observation and inquiry are two of the pillars of our profession. So why are so many of us bad at it? … Internal Audit Observation and Inquiry in Action Read More »
You just finished typing the last word on the audit report you’ve been working on. It’s a masterpiece. You hit send and hope your client has no problems with it. Unfortunately, they hate every word. … 3 Reasons Audit Clients Hate Your Reports Read More »
The job of an auditor should be fairly simple. Gather facts, analyze the data, and report back to stakeholders. But is is almost never that easy, especially when dealing with people and personalities. In this … 5 Reasons Clients Ignore Auditor’s Advice Read More »
What happens when a member of management leaves an organization? Have you ever considered this might be a risk that you should look at? Don’t believe me? Tune in to this episode of Audit Bites … Auditors Must Assess The Aftermath Read More »

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