Audit Bites Podcast Course

Audit Bites. The first live show discussing auditing. The new auditing podcast. Check it out and grab some CPE while you’re here.

Get CPEs for listening to a podcast

Audit Bites Podcast Episodes

What happens when you expose corrupt practices in the corporation but then everyone points the finger at you…Because you told the truth. I guess you’re a snitch. We all know snitches get…well. Fired. By now … Auditors, your jobs are in jeopardy Read More »
What if you could predict the future and avoid all bad risks? You’d be a super auditor. But let’s face it, no one can that. But are you at least ready to discuss potential risk … Are you ready for the risks around the corner? Read More »
Facts don’t care about your feelings. Unfortunately feelings control many decisions in business environments. I worked with one woman who was overworked, underpaid and completely burned out. Each year, she asked her boss for additional … Should auditors be aware of emotional issues? Read More »
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