Audit Bites. The first live show discussing auditing. The new auditing podcast. Check it out and grab some CPE while you’re here.

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Audit Bites Podcast Episodes

Another audit engagement is behind schedule.  It happens so often, it’s now the norm. You have a few choices. 1-Tell your boss. Or 2-Take some shortcuts in your audit work. Neither of these is a … 3 Reasons Your People Can’t Perform Effective Audits Read More »
Everyone in the room is staring at you. They look angry and afraid. It’s the opening meeting and they are looking to you for comfort. How do you put them at ease so that you … 3 Audit Entrance Meeting Mistakes Read More »
Do clients run when they see you coming? 🏃🏽‍♂️ 🤔 It’s probably not their fault because Your communication was confusing and caused your clients to not care about your audit project 😮 Let’s talk about … How to make your audit communications clear Read More »
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