Audit Bites Podcast Course

Audit Bites. The first live show discussing auditing. The new auditing podcast. Check it out and grab some CPE while you’re here.

Get CPEs for listening to a podcast

Audit Bites Podcast Episodes

You’ve asked your client for information and documentation several times. They promised to have it each week. And failed to deliver each week. You’ve asked multiple times and you still have not received the information. … When they deny auditors Unfettered Access Read More »
Auditors and attorneys should be on the same page. And most times, we are. But when there are differences of opinion, they tend to blow up. Why? Let’s talk about it.
Internal auditors will never win the most liked department in the organization award. Stop trying. In your role, you will often see the best and the worst in the organization. When times are good, your … What Will It Take For Auditors to Be Brave Read More »
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