Data Doesn’t Lie…But Your Analysis Technique Might

Reading Time: 3 minutes I remember working for one audit function that established a testing/sampling population of 25 for everything. If the actual population was 25,000 records, we tested 25. If the population was 1,000,000 records, we tested 25. Although fairly young in my career when I experienced this, my instinct told me this was wrong. After inquiring, I was told

Excel Error of Epic Olympic Magnitude

Reading Time: < 1 minutes In a recent article, I warned of the dangers of a poorly managed Excel strategy. Many organizations simply do not believe damage (whether financial, reputation, compliance, etc) can result from an Excel worksheet. Recently, the 2012 London Olympics suffered an embarrassment because of a worksheet error.

Can Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Reduce BYOD Risk?

Reading Time: < 1 minutes The proliferation of bringing personally owned mobile devices into the workplace, and using the devices to access privileged company resources such as email, file servers, and databases is known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). It is very widespread. Many of us know people who access corporate email on their personal smartphone or tablet. Organizations should be concerned with BYOD for some of the following reasons

Internal Auditor Magazine – There’s an app for that!

Reading Time: 3 minutes The IA magazine, published by the IIA, is probably one of the best audit resources on the market. The content is usually relevant and with over 70,000 members across the globe, the distribution is covers a diverse group of professionals. It is one of the valuable membership benefits. It has been available in print format for many years. Additionally, the IIA distributes content via the internet. Recently, the IIA released an app for the IA magazine. This article is a review

5 Practical Ways to Use Evernote During Audits

Reading Time: 3 minutes Evernote is a service “in the cloud” that helps you “remember everything, communicate effectively and get things done (” Evernote provides tools that allow you to store notes, documents, photos, web pages, voice recordings, tweets and almost anything that you can imagine. You can transfer these items from any computer and most smartphones. Additionally, you can access these same documents from any computer and most smartphones. What follows are 5 practical ways for auditors

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