Audit Bites. The first live show discussing auditing. The new auditing podcast. Check it out and grab some CPE while you’re here. 

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Audit Bites Podcast Episodes

You see red flags every day. Yet you say nothing. WHY? Your fear is costing your company. Auditors should raise red flags when you see them. Let’s talk about it in episode 37 of Audit … Auditors Should Always Raise Red Flags Read More »
We all have that “know it all” friend. Always telling you what you should and should not do. Often unsolicited. It’s aggravating. Isn’t it? They don’t know your struggle. They don’t know your story. It … 5 Reasons Your Recommendations Don’t Matter Read More »
Audit departments are struggling. Don’t take my word for it, auditors have been saying this to me in private for the last several years. – Pay is not the problem. – Status is not the … Here’s Why Most Audit Staff Struggle Read More »
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