5 Reasons Clients Ignore Auditor’s | AB-EP002 | .5 CPE | Auditing Category


Robert Berry

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Course Overview

The job of an auditor should be fairly simple.

Gather facts, analyze the data, and report back to stakeholders.

But is is almost never that easy, especially when dealing with people and personalities.

In this episode of Audit Bites,

I’ll explore 5 Reasons Clients Ignore Auditor Advice.

What You'll Learn?

  • Understand the psychological and social factors influencing client behavior in response to audit recommendations.
  • Develop effective communication strategies tailored to various client dynamics.
  • Apply practical techniques to navigate complex client relationships and influence decision-making.
  • Analyze and interpret real-world case studies to gain insights into successful client-auditor interactions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to adapt communication and influence strategies to diverse client personalities and organizational cultures.
  • New auditors
  • Experienced auditors
  • Board members
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Course Content

  • Duration 00:26:00
  • Lessons 1
  • Skill Intermediate
  • Last Update December 15, 2023
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