Five Critical Elements for Quality Questions

No matter your field, asking questions is one of the most important professional skills to have. Unfortunately, most of us fail to do it effectively. Bad questions lead to bad answers, which leads to bad decision making.

But what if I told you there was a shortcut to improving the quality of your questions?

Ahh. Now I have your attention.

In this session, we’ll discuss the importance of questions, the power in questions and 5 things that will immediately improve the quality of your questions.

Course Syllabus

Learning Objectives

  • Discover why questions are important
  • Recognize the power of quality questions
  • Explore 5 elements to improve the quality of your questions

Who Should Attend

  • Internal Auditors of any level
  • Compliance professionals
  • CPAs and Chartered Accountants
  • Executives, managers and key employees in leadership roles
  • Administrative personnel
  • Operations personnel

Program Duration(s)

This session is available in 1 or 2 hour increments. Below is the program/course outline. Bear in mind that the level of depth and detail for each topic area varies depending on the total program duration.

Field of Study

  • Personal Development


  • The importance of questions
  • The intrinsic power of questions
  • 5 critical components to quality questions


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