Influencing While Auditing - Becoming the Influential Auditor

We've all had that one client.

You know the one.

You're watching them about to do something that puts the company at extreme risk. And despite all the audit evidence, there is nothing you can do to convince them to go in a different direction.

  • Maybe they don't trust you enough
  • Maybe the evidence wasn't convincing enough
  • Maybe they simply don't like you

Either way, the ability to influence others is an incredibly important skill. And auditors are not exempt from needing this skill.

Knowing how to influence can help auditors

  • Sell risks, ideas and issues more naturally
  • Teach or train others more easily
  • Increase productivity through better communication
  • Persuade people to positive outcomes


Course Syllabus

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the right mindset to influence others
  • Explore 9 powerful influencing techniques
  • Discover how to use influence without using force or authority
  • Explore how to interact with others for the best result

Who Should Attend

  • Auditors of any level
  • Compliance professionals
  • CPAs and Chartered Accountants

Program Duration(s)

This session is available in 6 or 8 hour increments. Below is the program/course outline. Bear in mind that the level of depth and detail for each topic area varies depending on the total program duration.

Field of Study

  • Specialized Knowledge
  • Personal Development


The ultimate influencing mindset

  • You must have the right mindset in order to influence others.

How to get anyone to do anything

  • Use 9 powerful techniques to positive influence others
  • Gaining commitment without using power, position or status
  • Influencing without using force or authority when faced with pushback

Influence principles

  • Let's use the 6 universal principles of influence

Interacting with others

  • Giving feedback
  • Reality check
  • How to encourage others
  • Saying no
  • Making requests

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