Making Remote Auditing Work ™

We’ve been thrust into the world of remote work. Which means it is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of operational efficiencies when you use technology effectively.

The course explores several tools and techniques that can help you win at remote auditing. First, there is a general description of the various tools. Then, we explore the audit process. And finally, we describe tools and techniques for specific parts of the audit process.

Here’s what we’ll discuss.

  1. The case for remote auditing
  2. Equipment and Software
  3. Tools and Techniques
  4. Audit Planning
  5. Audit Fieldwork
  6. Audit Reporting

By the end of this virtual seminar, you will be able to:

  • Identify tools to make your life easier while remote auditing.
  • Setup your workspace with minimal cost but maximum benefit
  • Plan better remote audits
  • Save time on fieldwork documentation
  • Collaborate with audit colleagues and clients

Course Syllabus

Who Should Attend

  • Any auditor who wants to win at remote work

Program Duration(s)

This session is available in 4 or 6 hour increments. Below is the program/course outline. Bear in mind that the level of depth and detail for each topic area varies depending on the total program duration.

Field of Study

  • Auditing
  • Auditing (Governmental)
  • Specialized Knowledge
  • Personal Development


  • What is remote work?
  • What is remote auditing?
  • Remote work trends
  • Impact on organizations
  • Benefits and barriers
  • Required equipment
  • Tools and techniques to make it work
  • How to support your remote workers
  • Auditing in a remote environment

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