Introduction to Influencing While Auditing

Course Overview

At some point, everyone will have to influence someone.

Even auditors.

Your ability to assist in influencing outcomes for your organization can help you

1) identify and solve problems
2) build rapport with clients
3) advance in your career


Course Benefits

  • Start to become a better influencer
  • Help you organization achieve its goals

Learning Objectives 

  • Discuss the benefits of influence
  • Explain 4 types of influence
  • Implement 5 steps to better influencers


Course Categories 
Auditing, Communication, Personal Development 

Course Level

Ideal Audience Auditor - Senior, Auditor - Staff

Delivery Methods Hybrid, In Person, On Demand, Virtual 

Fields of Study Auditing, Communication, Personal Development 

Course durations (hours)
1, 1.5 

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