Negotiating While Auditing

Course Overview

Everything is negotiable.
Even when auditing.
I’ll give you a moment to get over the initial shock of that statement.

Don’t believe me, we negotiate some of the following based on our budget, time and knowledge:

  • Audit coverage based on our audit budget
  • Scope of audits based on the time available
  • Issues reported due to compromises with clients

Learning to negotiate with colleagues and clients can help auditors

  • Keep conflicts at bay
    • The right negotiation skills help you avoid conflicts by addressing diplomatically
  • Get the best “value” for your organization and department
    • Negotiations are about getting the best for both parties
  • Build better relationships
    • Negotiations require conversations which can lead to better relationships


Course Benefits

Learn how to negotiate with audit clients and colleagues to create better outcomes.

Learning Objectives 

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss negotiation principles and what you can do to get the best outcome
  • Explore negotiation strategies
  • Learn how to negotiate for the best result


Course Categories 
Auditing, Communication, Personal Development 

Course Level
Advanced, Intermediate 

Ideal Audience Auditor - Director, Auditor - Executive, Auditor - Manager, Auditor - Senior

Delivery Methods Hybrid, In Person, Virtual 

Fields of Study Auditing, Communication, Personal Development 

Course durations (hours)
3, 4, 8 

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