Assertiveness for Auditors

Course Overview

Auditors often feel intimidated by clients.

Some avoid conflict to keep clients content.

While others are so passive, audit projects suffer.

Expressing yourself assertively is difficult. For auditors, it can be the difference between a productive career and failure. Assertive communicators express themselves freely and get things done.

In this session, we will discuss various communication styles, the psychology behind communication techniques, how to handle your emotions, and how to use assertive communications to get stuff done while auditing.


Course Benefits

Auditors taking this assertiveness course will be able to confidently communicate more effectively with colleagues and audit clients.

Learning Objectives 

After participating in this assertiveness course, auditors will be able to:

  • Explore the difference between communication styles
  • Identify assertive communication techniques
  • Discover how to assertively ask for what you want, disagree with others and give praise
  • Build a plan to communicate assertively with audit clients


Course Categories 
Auditing, Communication 

Course Level
Advanced, Basic, Intermediate 

Ideal Audience Auditor - Director, Auditor - Executive, Auditor - Manager, Auditor - Senior, Auditor - Staff

Delivery Methods Hybrid, In Person, On Demand, Virtual 

Fields of Study Auditing, Communication 

Course durations (hours)
4, 8, 12 

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