Creating Wonderful Workpapers

Course Overview

Auditors perform projects to evaluate an organization’s operations.

As with any evaluation, there has to be sufficient documentation to support the conclusions. For auditors,the evaluation(s) and feedback are documented in workpapers.

Wonderful Workpapers allow auditors to complete projects swiftly and efficiently. Bad workpapers leave you bogged down in audits that are not focused on the right things, take too
long to complete, and are inconsistent with expectations.

  • In this session, we will discuss how to create wonderful workpapers.
  • First, I’ll tell you my personal workpaper revelation.
  • Next, we’ll explore the purpose of workpapers and the types of workpapers.
  • Then, we’ll discuss key workpaper characteristics and essential elements.
  • Finally, we’ll end by discussing workpaper organization, relevancy, accuracy, and completeness.


Course Benefits

After taking this workpaper training course, auditors will be able to

  • Properly document audit work performed
  • Create accurate audit paper trails
  • Reduce review notes from supervisors

Learning Objectives 

After attending this audit training, auditors will be able to:

  • Discover the power of proper workpapers
  • Identify the purpose of workpapers
  • Discover the types of workpapers
  • Identify the key characteristics of workpapers
  • Identify the essential elements all workpapers should possess
  • Build organized workpaper packages
  • Explore what makes workpapers relevant, accurate and complete


Course Categories 

Course Level
Basic, Intermediate 

Ideal Audience Auditor - Manager, Auditor - Senior, Auditor - Staff

Delivery Methods In Person, Virtual 

Fields of Study Auditing 

Course durations (hours)
4, 8 

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